The BrodMor family has had many years of property management experience. Our goal is to provide
you peace-of-mind even during difficult times. Our educated staff will be happy to help you with all
your condominium needs, including:

Financial Administration
Although the Board of Directors for your association makes all final decisions, our financial account
manager is happy to help you with questions regarding your account. In addition, we are able to help
the Board of Directors track finances and see how your money is being spent. BrodMor will work with
your association to create an annual budget, and help to balance your reserve account.

Property Management
Our property manager has valuable experience in resolving homeowner concerns. Willing and able to
listen, we take your concerns seriously, and help to ameliorate situations by bridging the gap between
the Board of Directors and you. Our goal is to address your concerns with the utmost expediency to
help you achieve peace of mind.

Maintenance Services
As is life, the unexpected may happen. With BrodMor, those concerns can sooner be addressed with
the help of our maintenance staff, including our maintenance coordinator  that can help you with any
questions that may arise during the repair process. Our maintenance workers are available on an
hourly basis, and are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to better meet your emergency needs.
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We help provide you with peace-of-mind, even during difficult times.
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